The GDM team organized the first Wheat Field Day in South Africa

July 16th

Special: GDM, leader in soybeans in Brazil, wants to conquer the markets of the US, China and Europe

July 12th

Cibus and GDM Establish Strategic Partnership to Deliver New Solutions for Soybean Farmers

june 29th

Bioheuris partners with GDM to develop crop management system in soybeans using gene editing

may 13th

Optimus: artificial intelligence and plant genetic improvement

March 3rd

GDM is present in two Brazilian rankings

January 27, 2021

GDM sponsored the IPSA annual conference for the second time

October 21

Virtual Opening of a GDM Nursery in Brazil

September 25th

The Argentine group, which will have a new number one next year, plans to reach 2027 with 10% of the North American soybean market that moves $400 million and grow in corn in Argentina and Brazil.

September 21st

Gerardo Bartolomé, CEO of GDM, gave a interview to the Argentine newspaper Clarín. In the report, he discussed the group’s participation in Argentina, Brazil and the United States.

August 25

Yield10 Bioscience Signs Research Agreement with GDM to Evaluate New Yield Traits in Soybean

August 14

DONMARIO builds its way into South Africa

April 8

Brasmax holds the first edition of the “Tour dos Máximos Rendimentos” in Bahia.

April 8

NEOGEN launched in the Southern region of Brazil.

August 23

We are pleased to announce that GDM Partners with IOWA Soybean Research Center at Iowa State University

July 15

We are pleased to announce that Brasmax cultivars were the winners of the National
Soybean Maximum Productivity Challenge, 2018/2019 harvest, in four of the five