February 14

GDM licensees in the US visited the company´s units in Argentina and Brazil between February the 3rd and the 5th, learning more about our history, breeding program and activities maintained by the group in countries where the company operates.

February 14

Late in January, clients and collaborators from Mustang Seeds, a North American company with a joint venture with GDM, learned more about our business and projects developed in Argentina and Brazil.

february 5

On the first days of December 2019, GDM (Grupo DONMARIO) was at the ASTA (American Seed Trade Association) annual Conference in Chicago, United States.

February 4

Early this month, members of the Brazilian executive and operative committee travelled to the fields of Mato Grosso to visit some trials conducted by the Research and Development Department.

August 23

We are pleased to announce that GDM Partners with IOWA Soybean Research Center at Iowa State University

July 15

We are pleased to announce that Brasmax cultivars were the winners of the National
Soybean Maximum Productivity Challenge, 2018/2019 harvest, in four of the five