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We use cutting edge technologies in data science, biotechnology and agricultural management to genetically improve soy and other extensive crop.

We own the most diverse and largest genetics bank worldwide.

Over the last 40 years, we have sustainably used the most innovative techniques to achieve the best levels of genetic improvement in the global market.



Research and

We test over 1.8 million soy plots per year in 15 countries.


The main objective when selecting Research and Development programs is the yield in our main crops: soy, wheat, maize.

Wide germplasm base

The germplasm is the basis of our improvement program. Our worldwide presence allows us to take maximum advantage from genetic diversity.

Global scale and presence

We evaluate our germplasm in over 1.8 million plots /year in more than 700 areas in 15 countries. This scale allows us to understand and know every environment and its interaction with our genetic base.

High genetic profit rate

We are able to obtain 1 improvement cycle in less than 4 years through multiple generations /year plus evaluations of early generations. This increases adaptability to environment changes and to new production systems.

Improvement program

High quality field test

Focused on yield, logistics, mechanization
and good management practices.

Applied biotechnology

Genomic selection as a complement to traditional breeding and gen edition oriented to the development of product characteristics.

Information systems

Georeferenced information systems integrated to statistical analysis for global information management.

Many decades of experience

Working with different diseases both in greenhouses and in the field assisted by molecular markers.