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We are defined by our innovative technology and our dynamism in the way we think and act, as well as our transparency when we build alliances and relationships.

We are market oriented, alert to its demands and open to new business opportunities.


The essence that holds us together

Genetics without borders

We believe in an expansion without borders, in finding specific solutions for every territory.

We are keen on expanding our culture and knowledge to continue adding value to our business and to all of those who are part of GDM. We achieve this through our improvement program, our investment on new technology and our global projects.


We are proud of our highly qualified, committed team, ready to take up new challenges to make the Group grow and to promote our thriving.

Executive Committee

Licentiate in Business Administration and Finances, Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires. In addition, in 2020, he completed an MBA at the Kellogg Business School, Northwestern University.

He is in charge of our improvement program and of the germplasm provision through the diverse commercial channels in all the territories where GDM is operating. Agronomist, Universidad de Buenos Aires

He is responsible for searching strategic alliances and access to technologies that define better products for the grower, as well as finding new business opportunities. Agronomist and Senior Management Program, Universidad de San Andrés.

He is also Director of Kumagro, SeedCorp HO and Forratec. Public Accountant and Senior Executive Program, Universidad Austral.

He is responsible for the commercial strategy of the brands BRASMAX, DONMARIO Sementes and NEOGEN. Industrial Engineer with an Executive Finance Program, Universidad Austral.

Ignacio Bartolomé


Marcos Quiroga

Research Director

Manuel Mihura

Strategy and New
Business Director

Carlos Ferraro

Financial Director

Santiago De Stefano

Global Business and Licensing Director

Cristiane de Oliveira

Global Human Resources Director

Operating Committee



Máximo Cardini

Business Leader

Marcos Lorenzo

Institutional Business Manager

Laura Lázara

Marketing Manager

Jeronimo Costanzi

Development Manager

Joaquín Inacio

Human Resources Manager



Sergio Vieira Bertagnolli

Commercial Manager

Marcelo Steffen

Commercial Manager

Pablo Rodrigues De Souza

Commercial Manager

Nizio Giasson

Research Manager

Gutierres Santos

Accounting Manager

Kleber Henrique Dos Santos

Marketing Manager

Carlos Alberto Pattis

Production Manager

Demisson Davi Borges

Human Resources Manager

Julio Cesar Poletto

Business Leader

North America


Gastón Suardiaz

Business Leader

Bernardo Bianco

Finance Manager

Martin Sarinelli

Research Manager

Rodrigo Iglesias

Product Placement Leader

Derek Cornelius

Production Leader

Lindsay Beeler

Human Resources Manager

Francisco Morea

Marketing Leader

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We search for professionals ready to take up new challenges. Talented people who value agility and flexibility within a collaborative context of transparency and respect.