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DONMARIO was founded in 1982 and was the starting point of GDM Seeds.

After 36 years of history, DONMARIO is one of the most prestigious brands in the South American market.

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Key Facts

  • #1 Soybean Brand of South Latam.
  • 54% Market share of intellectual property value captures in Argentina.
  • 316 Development Technical Locations in Latam.
  • Strong presence in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and South Africa.

BRASMAX was founded in Brazil in 2004.

Ten years of continuous genetic gain has made BRASMAX one of the most important genetic providers in a very strong local soybean seed industry.

Key Facts

  • Leader soybean brand of Brazil.
  • 26% Market share in intellectual property value capture markets.
  • 14 years of continuous genetic gain.
  • Strong Presence in Brazil and Paraguay.

GDM Licensing is our business unit dedicated to licensing elite soybean varieties to other leading brands.

GDM Licensing is our Business Unit dedicated to out licensing soybean elite varieties to third- party brands.

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US and Canada
Charlie Simmons
US Licensing Leader
Latam and South Africa
Thiago Henrique Schwonka
Licensing Manager
Europe and Eastern Europe
Carlo Invernizzi
Licensing Manager

Key Facts

  • Leading Genetic Provider in South Latam.
  • Widely adapted germplasm in the main soybean producing countries.
  • Active licensing programs in the main soybean regions.

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