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Main Strengths of the GDM Breeding Program

Broad Soybean Genetic Base

The Germplasm pool is the foundation of a breeding program. Our Global presence allows us to maximize genetic diversity.

Scale of the Program and Broad Testing Network

We run more than 1.4 million plots/year at 253 locations in 15 countries. Our extensive scale gives us a deep understanding of the performance of our genetic base in each market.


We can reduce the breeding cycle from 12-13 years to 5-7 years through multiple generations/year and early generation testing. Shorter breeding cycles allow greater adaptability to environmental changes and new production systems.

High quality breeding know-how

  • Highly skilled staff members.
  • World class in-field testing abilities and technology provide GDM Seeds with high quality data.
  • Computer systems with statistical analysis tools for global management.
  • Elite data analysis capabilities allow for the selection of varieties in wide areas of adaptation.
  • Decades of experience working with major crop diseases, in greenhouses and field screening, with the assistance of molecular markers.


Research & Development Priorities Driven From a

Deep Understanding of Farmers

Present And Future Needs.


People dedicated to the soybean R&D Program


1.4 millions soybean plots per year


Development Locations

Genetic & Enviromental Diversity to obtain the Best Product

Integrated Technologies to Enhance Genetic Gain in the GDM Breeding Program

Farm Equipment

  • Hi-tech equipment
  • Skilled human resources

Process Engineering

  • Process design
  • Process control
  • Process operations

Integrated System

  • Global software
  • Mobile data collection

Data Analysis

  • Statistical analysis
  • Business analytics

Image Analysis

  • Remote pilloted aircraft (drone)
  • GIS technology

Phyto Pathology

  • GH test
  • Field test
  • Trait introgression


  • Marker-assisted selection (MAS)
  • Marker-assisted backcrossing (MABC)
  • Gene Pyramiding
  • Gene discovery
  • Purity analysis

Premises to select the best variety with adjusted management recommendations in the GDM Development Program

Robust Database

The Development Program generates a robust database complementary to the Research Program with focus on the selection and management recommendations.


In the constant search for new management practices to achieve a better match between the genotype and the environment.

Farmer's Technology Testing

Planting large plots and the use of machinery farmer use in his own production environments ensures high correlation between test results and their field results in real farms.

Spacial And Temporal Variability

Deep understanding of the interaction between genotype and environment to optimize the relationship between yield potential and yield variability.

Agronomic Quality

Nothing could correct a poor site selection, planting, maintenance and harvesting of a trial. A high quality trial is the basis of a development program.

Statistical Significance

Different kinds of regional and global analysis based on mixed linear models and multivariate techniques ensure a correct interpretation of the data.