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Manuel Mihura


Work Experience

Manuel Mihura is Strategy Director and new business Developer. In this role he looks for strategic alliances and the access to the best technologies (traits, seed treatments, germplasm, etc) to create and obtain the best GDM products for farmers in each territory. He also looks for new seed business opportunities and markets (worldwide).


He joined Don Mario in 1998. He has held various roles with increasing responsibility within Don Mario in different areas, like Seed Production, Manufacturing, Quality Department, Sales, Germplasm License, soybean manager and soybean director.

Manuel is 40 years old, graduated from Universidad de Buenos Aires with a degree in Agronomy. He has been a member of CONASE (Seeds National Commission of Argentina) since 2007 and President of ARPOV since February 2013 (Argentinean Association for Plants Protection). He graduated from the Senior Management Program (SMP) at Universidad de San Andres in 2015.


Manuel and his wife Lorena live in Buenos Aires. They have one daughter named Pilar, and one son, Juan Ignacio.