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Ignacio Bartolomé


Work Experience

Ignacio joined GDM Seeds team in January 2017 after seven years working at Louis Dreyfus Company in different regions.


He started at LDC in 2009 in Buenos Aires – Argentina offices after four years in 2013 he was transferred to Montevideo – Uruguay and finally in 2016 to Wilton, CT – USA. His responsibilities were under the commercial areas of the company starting as Logistics and Origination Coordinator in BA, then as South American Grains Senior Trader in Montevideo and in his last position he was Senior Feed Grain Trader for the US region.


Before joining LDC, Ignacio, when he was nineteen years old and with two friends founded Agronasaja SRL, a small company initially focus on farming by renting land to 3rd parties and outsourcing fieldwork to produce soybeans, corn, sorghum and wheat. Today, Agronasaja has become a seed production, conditioning, classification and selling company with a facility in Pergamino, Bs.As.

As business director in USA and Canada, Ignacio is responsible to lead the company’s strategy in both territories aiming to develop a business model that allows GDM to increase its market participation as an elite genetic provider, always keeping in mind the strong relationship with our licensees.


Ignacio has a major in Business Management and IT from Instituto Tecnologico de Buenos Aires (ITBA) and took an exchange program in the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (EIU) in the Netherlands.


In his free time Ignacio likes to read and play the drums. He was part of a band recording a self produced record with their own songs. Sports wise he likes to play tennis, soccer and running.