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Gerardo Bartolomé


Work Experience

Gerardo Luis Bartolome is 59 years old. He founded DONMARIO SEMILLAS in 1982 and has been business partner and CEO of the company ever since.


He has a bachelor’s degree in Agronomy from the Universidad de Buenos Aires (1980). He is also a member of the Oil-Seed Crop Department, Universidad de Buenos Aires (1981/3), coordinator of Soybean Cultivars Testing AACREA (1980/3), President of the Argentinean Association for Plants Protection – ARPOV (2004/6). He received the La Nación/ Banco Galicia Award for Agricultural Entrepreneur 2005, the Clarín Award for Technological Development in Agriculture 2011,the E&Y Award Entrepreneur 2014, among others.


At the same time that he started the company as a producer of grains, 34 years ago, he began investigating the cultivation of soybeans, which posed many agronomic questions such as planting date, maturity groups, distance between rows, health issues, etc. That was how he decided to set up a seed company that could supply Argentine farmers with more competitive varieties than the ones offered at the time.

Today Gerardo is in charge of the strategic management of the company through a Steering Committee composed of professionals from different disciplines, who are directly responsible for the executive management of the different areas of the company.


He lives in San Isidro, Buenos Aires and has been married to Marcela since 1984. They are the parents of 5 children (one male and four females). He is a frequent tennis player and also enjoys motorcycle crossings with family and friends.